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Crew Profile

Number of Crew: 5

GIGI II’s crew are highly trained, dedicated professionals. They not only bring individual skills to the yacht’s operation, but also the versatility to utilize them in varying and ever-changing conditions and locations. You set the pace. If you prefer discreet service on our yacht where the crew are unobtrusive but always available if needed, the captain, adept at assessing the requirements of each charter, will instruct the crew accordingly. For those who would like to be on more informal terms, you will find that the yacht’s crew will react accordingly-but without compromising levels of service.

GIGI II’s crew is able to offer formal and impeccable onboard service. As a team we are flexible and experts at adapting to your own personal style. The crew is there to please only you and they delight in going beyond the call of duty to ensure that your time spent onboard is memorable in every way. I would like to introduce the crew of GIGI II:


Captain: Joseph Matta
Nationality: USA

Growing up in a small town on Cape Cod Joe got his first taste for the water charter fishing the waters of southern New England. After attending college and working for a few financial organizations, Joe returned to yachting where he traveled the east coast of the U.S. and the Bahamas extensively. Joe also has done commercial work doing whale watches, private parties, and commuter runs. His passion for the yachting industry brought him back to private yachts where he has been involved in refitting yachts and accommodating guests on excursions. Joe will go out of his way to make sure your family and friends are looked after at all times. His excellent service, friendly manner and attention to detail will make your stay on M/Y GIGI II a happy memory.


First Mate: Andrew Maxwell

Andrew’s passion for yachting started when he lived in Minnesota on a lake and working at a marine power sports dealer ship. In high school he took all the marine and shop classes available to learn about how everything works together in order to get that feeling of flying across the water. After graduation Andrew attended Mott Technical Institute where he studied electrical engineering. Upon leaving Mott Tech Andrew realized that he could take his love of the water under it and so attended a Commercial Dive Academy. He then worked as a diver for a few years and was then offered work on a yacht. Andrew has been working on yachts for 6 years now and has been doing everything from management to crew on multiple private and charter yachts.


Chef: Charlie Clark

Charlie is a native to the shores of Long Beach, NY where he spent the summers as a child fishing, surfing, and boating with in sight of the Big Apple. With inspiration from his sister Charlie’s chef career started with an education from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. In Charlie’s 20 year career as a chef he has crossed the Atlantic four times, cruised the Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean, Alaska, and Canada. In addition to sharpening his culinary expertise while traveling on yachts, Charlie has also trained in France and Italy. Charlie’s cooking expertise, experience, and passion for fine wine and service should impress even the toughest foodie while on board.


Chief Stewardess: Medea

Medea was born and raised in Eastern Europe. She always had a love for nature on land and water. Growing up she joined a small boating organization, traveled all rivers in and around the region she had grown up in. After earning her degree in Business Administration she decided she wanted to travel and discover the world. Eventually she chose to anchor down in the U.S. where she has been gradually building a great career in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. About two years ago, upon reaching her goals in the corporate environment, she followed her heart and decided to take her knowledge and experience to the yachting industry. She had been a stewardess previously and this time around as a deck/stewardess she is broadening her knowledge about the exterior and operations of a yacht.


Deck Steward: Jessica Dee

Growing up along the banks of Lake Erie Jessica has always had a true passion for the water. After obtaining a degree in Biology she decided to move to the Carolina coast where she would begin her love affair with the ocean. She worked as an Executive Assistant for a business consulting firm for 4 years until she decided it was time to take her infatuation with the ocean to the next level and made the leap into the yacht industry. In her free time she can be found expressing her love for the outdoors through scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, fishing, along with many other adventures that come her way. As a new comer to the industry Jessica exudes an eagerness and ambitious passion to master all aspects of yachting in hopes to Captaining her own vessel some day.


GIGI II can take you on your next adventure